Ruth & Lisa

We would like to introduce you to our therapists whose extensive experience and commitment help our clients to improve in all aspects of their everyday activities.

Ruth Duggan

Lisa Saunders-Green

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Our Rates




Private occupational therapy services are not funded by MSI. You may have coverage through personal or work insurance for assessment and/or treatment sessions or part thereof. We do not require a doctor's referral, but you may need one in order to access insurance funding.

The following sources typically cover occupational therapy services:

  • Extended health care benefits
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Auto insurance plans
  • Long-term disability benefits
  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Department of Health, Community Services
  • Department of National Defence
  • Employers

We aim to provide cost effective services for our clients.

Our rates include:

General occupational therapy assessment, consultation, and treatment - 110.00/hr

Medical legal assessment and consultation - 155.00/hr

Specialized assessments and treatment: e.g. functional cognition, job demands analysis, PGAP, etc. - 115.00/hr

No travel costs within a 15 km radius.

Please contact our office directly to discuss your specific needs, funding options, or to obtain a free estimate for services required.